Citizen Activism Fosters Service Delivery in Masvingo

In a neighbourhood called Runyararo West located in  Masvingo, Zimbabwe, house flies buzz and zing as if possessed, madly flapping their wings, landing on anything and everything in sight. The flies are a product of

Zimbabwean Sign Language Requires Standardisation

Zimbabwe’s sign language has several variations that inhibit communication among deaf people, according to a new study. The research titled: “Sign Language Variation Research Report,” was conducted in the ten provinces of the country

Why Zimbabwe Needs Children’s Books

Zimbabwean children aged 0-15 lack access to interesting, dynamic and relevant local literature to fire up their imaginations and creativity. As a result, they have no choice but consume sub standard, foreign literature that

On Cecil the Lion

I first found out about Cecil the Lion online. That he was dead and brewing a furore did not really faze me. But in retrospect, my animal totem is lion so I should have

Why Africa Needs An Innovation Strategy

By Chief K.Masimba Biriwasha | Global Editor At Large AS we all know, Africa has huge, multifaceted challenges. To overcome these challenges requires new, innovative solutions. These solutions must be informed and driven from

Smart Agriculture Aims to Boost Rural Productivity in Zambia’s Chongwe District

In Zambia’s Chongwe district, smallholder agriculture is under threat due to the wanton cutting down of trees. In 2005 and 2006, survey results revealed that up to about 30 per cent of the bare land in the

NESTA Training Targets Creatives in Zimbabwe

SIXTEEN Zimbabwean creative practitioners completed a five day training to enable them to develop the viability of their ideas and improving their individual skills for setting up and running a creative enterprise. NESTA, a UK-based innovation

iSpace Lights Up Ghana’s Tech Scene

Since it was founded in 2013, iSpace has grown to become a leading space for innovators, tech entrepreneurs, designers, developers, geeks and technology lovers in Accra, Ghana’s capital city. iSpace provides an opportunity for

Hivos Exposes Media to SE4All

Hivos Southern Africa Hub in partnership with Practical Action, Oxfam, ZERO and Zimbabwe Energy Council (ZEC) recently conducted a tour of mini hydro projects in Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands region aimed at exposing media professionals

Green Pioneers Showcase Ideas to Investors

A total of 12 South African green entrepreneurs recently completed the Green Pioneer Acceleration Programme (GPA). Eleven of the entrepreneurs pitched their businesses and investment needs to an audience of over 40 potential investors